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Reclamation Road Trip Prep (It Takes a Global Village)

The Wine: Carayon le Rose (South of France)

The Winery: W(h)ine on the Vine “WOTV” Corporate Offices (Claremont, CA)

The W(H)ine: Reclamation Roadtrip Prep (It Takes A Global Village)

“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” -Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni (…or another ancient sage)

What is the Universally required ratio of teacher(s) to student, these days?

That depends on…

When your ego is ready for a rest,

Where you are when you find yourself finally relinquished (and thus, ready),

How rough the road you have travelled, and MOSTLY, On

Whom surrounds you.

For some of us, it takes a global village.

About a month ago, I woke well before dawn, per the usual, about the time the Muse offers words I cannot (despite intentional effort) hear any other hour of the day (or night).

Reclamation Roadtrip,” was all She spoke in the dim darkness, before even the birds or the Metro to LA offered first chirps.

I’d spent a few weeks monitoring travel apps for flights-to-Ohio prices to drop, hoping to land in the Buckeye State for our family’s annual reunion/dance-party planned in coordination with our nation’s birthday and my only brother’s annual summer trek home (also from California, but he and his are flying, per the usual).

Post-Covid travel spikes paired with Russian invasions and unparalleled global money market unease meant this reunion might break the bank, with no guarantee of on-time arrival.

But…Reclamation Roadtrip. Seriously?

I often question the Muse, despite knowing She ALWAYS knows best.

Pernicious curiosity is a thing. It is MY thing. Ask anyone who knows me, tries to love me, and perpetually wonders why I always want to know Why. And, What. And, When. And, Where. And, How.

And, HOW. How is this possible? How can I walk away from a life I am rebuilding in SoCal, a rescue pup I (mostly) adore, and a depleted savings account? So many questions (read: anxieties).

So, Little Need to Know. The Universe said so.

That is Enough.

Once my breath deepened and mindset aligned, I too KNEW. I knew that not only was the Universe beckoning, but that if I braved the unknown, the Universe would provide.

Always does. If only we open to letting go of knowing WHAT exactly that provision looks like, releasing any preconceived notions, historical memories, unhelpful expectations, and opening heart, mind, and pocketbook to Abundance abounding all around.

It’s not a secret. Or The Secret. Or whatever other magickal concoction influencers attempt to sell to line their business’s bottom line.

All wisdom already exists within you.

The only magick required is listening, then accepting. We got this.

The very moment I accepted the Universe’s offer, opportunities overwhelmed.

Two best friends (I have only a handful, so this is HUGE) got engaged and asked if by chance I’d be available to be in Tulsa and Ohio on late June dates for a wedding and bachelorette celebration. Um, apparently so!!! Then a text from Germany, as a dear friend planned a mid-June return home to Phoenix, Arizona and invited me to reconnect after a year’s departure. Then my children’s book illustrator introduced me to a kindred spirit, non-profit founder and fellow author who wants to meet as I pass through the Midwest. Then my father gets wind of what’s ahead for me, his eldest daughter, and offers connections in Las Cruces, New Mexico and the heart of the Badlands, South Dakota. And what, in my shallow mind and simple plans, might have been a quick weekend trip to my immediate family reunion where rarely, if ever, my own progeny can attend, I now have invites to stop and see more than a few of my five blessed brood. As I published last week’s blog introducing the journey to readers, I received more messages, more meaningful connection invitations….from a former professor asking for a Cleveland face-to-face, a fellow creative recommending a hot springs meditative retreat near their family in Utah, and oh so many wonderers full of wanderlust wanting to travel vicariously, and asking if I might write about the trip, including Canadians, Germans, Nicaraguans, Ukrainians, Americans, Native Americans, students, colleagues, collaborators, friends, family, and even a foe or two.

Yes. Yes, to ALL…

So, Pearl (My Jeep – Her RearView Pic Highlighted Above) and I leave in t minus two days for what we expect will be twenty-five days filled with whatever we are meant to experience. #acceptance

Here’s what I DO KNOW: There will be no hotel stays. No wait staff. No fast food.

Just: Open Hearts. Open Homes. Open Minds. Open Roads.

And it might just take a global village. Leaving behind all things self-sufficiency, control freaking, and manic manipulations of all things scheduling.

Am I ready? Are you ready? When the student is ready, the Teacher(s) appear. Here. We. Go.

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