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REALign-MEANT (The REAL deal: What was always MEANT to BE)

The Wine: Unlimited Mimosa (Read: Champagne only)

The Winery: Walter’s Café (Location: Claremont, CA)

The W(H)ine: REALign-Meant (The REAL deal: What was always MEANT to BE)

Christy called with breaking news from Tulsa, Oklahoma. My dear friend who left the-only-home-she-ever-knew-in-California (and, also turned fifty this year) lit up my morning while sharing her story of suffering so much that she sought alternative solutions.

What Tylenol, Advil, and three glasses of wine couldn’t relieve, the newly-discovered nationally-accredited chiropractor could!

Mic drop.

Right leg longer than left. One hip out of joint. Neck needing snapped to align with the spine.

No wonder she hurt so much.

Christy long ago leaned into this alternative way to address presenting pain but had long forgotten. Sometimes when it hurts bad enough, we try anything, right?

Lo and behold, she found fast relief.

That is, until she drove away from the chiropractic center, accelerated, then braked with her previously longer leg, and felt the freedom from pain fade immediately. What the heck?

“Your body bears the memory of the burdened way; thus, you must return regularly for weeks, in order to re-teach and realign your body,” docs words reminded.

Well, then.

When we have walked wrongly a well-worn, wonky path, our bodies bear this burden and buck up, revolting when we send new messages to our hardened hearts, our broken bones, our strained souls.

Healing hurts sometimes. Okay, most times.

Speaking of alternative healing modalities…

My Momma welcomes massage, when healing hands hook hopefully onto the hard knots wrought in her back from decades of hard labor carrying, raising, and releasing eight children, and I remember her describing the inevitable pain, “Oh, fiddlesticks, it hurts so good!”

(That’s Mom’s version of swearing.)

Mom knows what happens after the hurt: a Release, a Relief, a REALignment.

She feels better, and thus, can be better. Phew!

Touching physical pain puts us in precarious positions. Touching psychological pain, too. Emotions arise, typically the darker ones, like anger, fear, resentment, grief, hurt. Until there is a sense of relief, but then what?

What if the relief immediately subsides once we re-engage in the REAL world? What if we must return AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN to a healing modality in order to RE-Align all we find awry?

What if the old way works well enough to continue wandering through the world in which we live, without disrupting status quo to the point of, well, more pain or difficulty?

Ever heard the quote, “When the pain to stay the same becomes more than the pain to change, then one will change?” I know not its author, only its authenticity.

Often, only when we hurt beyond the scope of current treating modalities (or worse, what’s “worked” for us lo these many yearning years), to numb, relief, or fix the problem do we humans put hope in another Way.

What if years before the world wrought its withering, wrinkly wreckage on our worthy souls, we were aligned, already. Prebirth, from Creator’s curation, Light, Love, Promise, and Purpose.

Then, we arrived. And misaligned. And maladjusted. And missed-the-mark, majorly.

Yes, humanity helped, heaping blame, shame, label and lie upon our beautiful beings, before we wielded words or even walked our first wobbly steps.

That sh*t stuck.

Never mind school bullies, automobile accidents, global pandemics, and terrorist take-outs.

“Life IS difficult.” - M. Scott Peck (emphasis mine)

Truer words were never uttered. Our best human efforts lead down truthfully difficult paths. At some point, we must invoke a Higher Power, some Holy Help, to assist along the wonky way.

Unless we want the same damn results, we MUST do life differently.

Christy may now benefit greatly from regular chiropractic cracks for the foreseeable future or, without alignment, live dependent on ever-increasing pain medications (that clearly do not solve this problem). (For the record, this is NOT an anti-medicine posit, just a particularly salient metaphor for Life as I see it currently. Feel free to disagree and comment!)

My Momma apparently must maintain the gnarly, muscular kneading to minimize the deleterious impact from decades of too-much physical output, not-enough-personal-self-care (she did raise eight effing productive members of society, so she’s got laurels to rest upon, if not physical relief!). (I regularly recommend yoga, at which she scoffs or grunts or in some other way, expresses her disinterest, for whatever reasons. Massage it is, then!)

Me and You? Well, my friends. That depends. With five decades under my beleaguered belt, forging forward WITHOUT intentional change comes at an ever-increasing cost. No, no thank you. Send help. I’ll try something else, STAT.

What would REALly Aligning MEAN? Who are we REALly MEANT to be? Some twisted version of people-pleasing codependent, materialistic, self-serving, double-minded homosapien who has yet to consider the REAL reason for his/her/their existence? Or???

What we learn as we go is that judging any other for the journey that belongs only to them is part of the RE-ALignMEANT. What is MEANT for you is yours. What is MEANT for me is mine. I find my Way. You find Yours. Sometimes the adjustments are subtle, less severe, but make them we must or we stay the same, sinking or worse, stuck. Sometimes we must massage the literal hell out of our traumatized trajectories, so we shift the story to one of selflessness, service, sweet surrender. Sometimes we must crack under the Universe’s adjustments that may, in fact, “hurt so good.”

Your Way, Divine. No longer mine.

Ditch plan A.

I REALign to what was always MEANT for me.

Plan BE.

Here’s to changing our cult-like, clung-to curations that no longer cure.

Here’s to the Holy cultivating, convicting, and covering each new choice.

Here’s to Christy. Here’s to Momma. Here’s to WeToo.

Here’s to healing.

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