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Holy Week Haiku

The Wine: Risen Red (Blend)

The Winery: Resurrection Vineyard (California)

The W(H)ine: Holy Week Haiku (Poem)

Triumph turned Away,

Belied, Buried, then Third Day

Resurrection’s Way.

Ó2022 Lisa Maaca

Whether this week meets you in religious piety, or spiritual pause, or genuflected posture or none of the above, matters little. What does speak to all we mortal humans is the reality that we will undoubtedly face valleys of fear, doubt, pain, and rejection interspersed (if we are lucky) with momentary mountaintop experiences of renown, glory, or other self-satisfaction. And then we loop again through different versions of this non-linear traverse again and again and again, until we die. Lots of people on the planet are dying right now. War. Covid. Cancer. Suicide.

"Life. Is. Difficult." Thank you, M. Scott Peck, for the three most real words ever penned.

Without waxing religious, I wonder if I might just pose a question to conclude this week’s intentionally brief blog…

What will you do this week with your mountaintop moments to support you making meaning, sense, and purpose of the inevitable valleys you will also walk through?

May we who triumph also take stock of other’s tragedy.

May we who meet betrayal and burial also rejoice in another’s good fortune.

May we who die inside ne’er forget that moments pass, feelings change, and resurrection awaits.

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