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Easter Elegy

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

The Wine: Something Sparkling (Ethereal Eminence)

The Winery: Love’s Lair (Proverbial Vineyard)

The W(H)ine: Easter Elegy (Another Poem)

Conceived in scandal,

Born to poverty,

Hailed from afar,

Scrutinized by religious,

Tried in court,

Condemned tho faultless,

Beaten to pulp,

Hung and died,

Blamed no soul,

Suffered for Love.

Love, oh how He Loved…

The Barren, The Broken,

The Poor, The Prostitute,

The Lame, The Left,

The Debtors, The Doubters,

The Dumb, The Deaf,

The Lost, The Loitering,

The Scoundrel, The Sick,

The Other, The Others, All of Us.

Copyright 2022 Lisa Maaca

Elegies typically follow the death of a beloved one to speak in memoriam, albeit poetically, a lament of lost love. However, unlike last week’s haiku, this literary type lacks rules such as syllable or line requirements, or even rhyme. For this reason, long is the list of literary critics.

Alas, I am not one of them.

I love a free-for-all.

So, Who died?

Easter in Christian tradition (my dutiful upbringing) celebrates a Resurrection: a Return to life after tragic, testified death. They say that’s a thing.

“He is risen!” “He is risen, indeed!”

So goes the celebratory exchange every Easter morning between Christ followers.

These same folks hang crosses of silver, gold, glass, and other ornament around their necks the other 364 days of the year, silently proclaiming the historical method of their Messiah’s murder.

Why is the crucifix the chosen symbol representing One who now reportedly Lives, forever?

What was it about the cross that stuck with followers for over two thousand years and to this day infuses committed faith, hope, love, and trust in so many?

What transfixes throngs of humans to some thing as horrific as hanging on a wooden cross, nailed through both hands and feet, asphyxiating until expired?

Why hang that crisscross thing on one’s neck?

Thank you for asking.

I think what the world wants is not a messiah, but a message.

I think what the world needs is a reason to rise, despite the despise.

I think what keeps the world beholden to the tragedy of a life cut short, a martyr mocked, a savior scorned…

Is that none of us could have done that.

Still couldn’t.

I mean, I like a few people. I love fewer. It depends on the day, the drama, and the duty.

But who would I die for????

Oh, hell. Catch me when I am in a good mood, and a healthy relationship. Otherwise, only my kids and grandkids…but a crucifixion??? Probably not. Okay, no. Sorry, guys.

Maybe the magic isn’t in how He died, but how He lived. For not only did death come on a cross, but He lived a cruciform life

When was the last time you secretly sinned because of being shit on, and, seeing your pain without wielding shame, another extended relationship?

When was the last time you dismissed another’s attack, and, seeing their pain, you buried the ego, to maintain connectedness?

Whether or not you subscribe to the Christian story, can you SEE why followers choose the crucifix? A symbol of suffering, a sure surrender.

None is holy, no not one. But dammit, we sure as hell try. And we surer than hell, fail.

This One, though, He offered a Free-For-All.


This Love? It Resurrects. It brings back from a thousand deaths, Life Again.

I bow to this Free-For-All Love.

#crisscross #freeforall #wetoo #loveisenough #loveislove #whineonthevine

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