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Desert Delights

The Wine: Villanella Pinot Grigio (2017, Italy)

The Winery: Christy’s Couch (Broken Arrow, Oklahoma)

The W(H)ine: Desert Delights (Roadtrip Reflections)

Fellow travelers, what wonders wield your wildest interests and explorations??????

For me, after four-plus decades as a Midwest dweller, I find absolutely fascinating the wild, dry, and seemingly deserted western desert.

Aridness. Cacti. Joshua Tree. Red Dirt. Blessed Barrenness.

So, while I was well prepared for Monday’s 110-degree Phoenix heat (even if my planned connection fell through), I was ill-prepared for what happened next…


In. The. Desert.

Heavens Opened. Providential Precipitation. Roadtrip Reclamation.

Somewhere between Phoenix and Las Cruces, where my last-minute-randomly-connected-through-a-third-party-referral overnight hosts graciously prepared me a landing space (and dinner reservations), a long-ago-connected-through-an-intentional-first-hand-connection sent a random text request inviting me to a phone conversation with someone suffering in a way similar to that which I experienced years ago.

“Please, call. I think they need to know they’re not alone.”


Um, hello. I felt oh so alone today, even though my precious Pearl (Jeep) kept her motor (and blissfully, a/c) running. Meanwhile, the only proof of human imprint (besides the obvious cemented highway upon which Pearl & I traversed) came in the form of metal inscribed roadside warnings of what to do in case of windstorm.

Duly noted.

But, Rain?

We kept driving.

I am a Midwestern girl, well-acquainted with all-things-fall-from-the-scary-sky-precipitation. And Pearl, well, she’s equipped, even if SoCal conditioned. We got this.

Until the next signs warned: “Billy the Kid Country.”

What does this sign even mean? Billy’s still alive? Look out for random already-dead cowboys with guns? Take a nostalgic moment for historic recall? We know not.

So, We kept driving.

Passing White Sands National Park proved challenging to my task-oriented mindset focused on arriving in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma at girlfriend’s home by proposed eta, and then wondering for hundreds of miles if I missed a Universal opportunity to “Go with it…”

But, We kept driving.

And in so doing, also reflecting…

On whatever magic renders rain falling for four hours across a plethora of desperately dry desert destinations means…

On the magnificent unfolding of Muse-Informed matriculations for future fodder as 775 miles passed beneath us…

On the past evening of prescient, and oh-so-precious connections with folks I did not know, but came to appreciate and cherish after they opened heart and home, and I rested weary head, curious mind, and grateful heart in their respectful presence (and Pearl parked in a prioritized driveway spot, while owners offered to park curbside.)

Desert Delights.

Just when you think nitrogen’s non-nourishment waxes a wasteland.

Just when you dutifully doubt Universal provision.

Just when you wildly wonder why you took the trip.

The Desert Delights.

Oh, we of little faith. So, human. So, beautiful.

Let’s keep traveling, shall we? With wonder, with doubt, with one another…

#reclamationroadtrip #wetoo #whineonthevine #youarewelcome

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